Friday, March 30, 2018
By Elements of Light Photography™, LLC
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I was thrilled to find out that one of the milk bath sessions I had done for a model had made the "Spotlight Artist Model of the Month" in the Spring issue of Mora Modeling Magazine.  That is such a thrill for everyone involved...the model, the hair and makeup artist, and the photographer.  It's what the ultimate goal get published!!


This was an absolutely stunning session!  Hair and makeup pulled in the colors of the sunflowers and the gorgeous red hair of the model gave it the final distinguishing touch.  I added extra lighting to create additional mood to the images and it all came together.


Here are just a few of the images from that session.  These are the that were published in the MMMagazine.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018
By Elements of Light Photography™, LLC
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Getting published in a magazine as a model is one of the most coveted goals.  So when one of my models calls me to say that "we" are being published, I am elated.  It not only is an achievement for the model but for the photographer as well.  Such a reward for everyone involved.  Along with the model and photographer is the hair and makeup artist.  All three participate in the photo shoot to make dreams come true.  I love these session!  The collaboration, the creativity, the laughs, and the anticipation are amazing.


Just recently I got that good news call.  I had done a sunflower milk bath session with a gorgeous red-haired model and a "soon to be mom" hair and makeup artist.  It all came together beautifully.  We had a lot of laughs.  The hair and makeup artist was almost 9 months pregnant...standing for a few hours in a room that felt like a sauna!!  The model being such a sport at continually having to disappear into the the milky water...not to mention a severe case of goose bumps by the time we were done.  And me... reposition the flowers, wipe the sweat, shoot, repeat!!   Well, it wasn't that bad but it was that much fun.


I love being creative and the Published (model) sessions allow be to go crazy.  I will make sure to post images from my next session for you all to see.  In the meantime, here are a couple of images from the Sunflower Milk Bath session.

Sunday, March 11, 2018
By Elements of Light Photography™, LLC
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I may be old school but, to me, I would much rather have a book in my hand to read, or a newspaper in front of me, or a picture that I can put on my desk or wall to look at.  Visual stimulation.  There are so many reasons to have family portraits done and here's just a few:

1.  To showcase fond memories and special moments.

2.  To document changes over the years

3.  To start a family tradition

4.  To provide enjoyment for future generations

5.  To hold and cherish

I have had so many clients thank me for the suggestion of a photo album or wall art explaining how much pleasure it has given the grandparents, other family members or friends.  As we all get older we cherish the memories even more of our own childhood or of our own children's growth.  

Here are a few images from my past that I am grateful to have and be able to pull out of the closet and look at whenever I am feeling nostalgic.  I hope you enjoy them!

Friday, March 09, 2018
By Elements of Light Photography™, LLC
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In 2011 I packed my bags and all of my belongings and headed south to Texas.  Where was I traveling from?  Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I called it my “Next Chapter".  I was so excited about this huge change to my life...a truly amazing adventure.  However, along with all of that excitement came apprehension, nervousness, and just plain fear at the thought of all of that newness that awaited me.  Was I ready for this change, would I handle it with confidence, would everything be okay?  Well here I am today, almost eight years later and very happy with how my “Next Chapter" has turned out.  The best part of all has been the opportunity to take a life long passion and turn it into reality.  Photography!!  Not JUST photography but Fine Art Photography.  This is where you come in…


This whole “next chapter” thing is a nerve racking experience and my new moms are no exception, especially my first time moms.  This is a huge change for you that will have you all wrapped up in a gamut of emotions.  You are glowing with excitement, overwhelmed and insecure with the physical and emotional changes, feeling self-doubt and uncertainty about your new role, amused and happy with what this little baby brings you, and proud for accepting the challenge of pregnancy and parenthood.  This is where I come in…


I make your next chapter come alive through fine art imagery.  You will thoroughly enjoy our time together and the pampering you will receive.  Hair and make-up, wardrobe, and refreshments accompanied by conversation and laughter and when our session is over, you will feel energized and ready for your “next chapter”…and that’s a promise.


So begins another new chapter for me, one that you will be a part of.  I can’t wait to share the pages with you as we write our new chapters together.