Silhouettes and Silliness

I really enjoy when a client allows me to be creative either while shooting or while editing.  When I showed this mom-to-be a few ideas I had she was excited to get started.  I wanted to shoot a silhouette image but with adding colored gels to it.  I chose red and yellow and called it the “Sunset Silhouette”.  It looks stunning. I then tried a different lighting set up to create a unique backdrop….and unique it was.  I used a […]

A Chosen Angel

God rewards those who wait and this young couple is no exception.  The wait began when they decided to adopt a baby.  Application was processed, they were approved, and the clock started to tick.  Prayers were said, tears were shed, and the hope grew stronger every day.  Then, one day, they were blessed with a beautiful baby boy and they couldn’t wait to introduce him to the world.  He is precious!  A bit of a struggle coming into the word […]

Spotlight Model

I was thrilled to find out that one of the milk bath sessions I had done for a model had made the “Spotlight Artist Model of the Month” in the Spring issue of Mora Modeling Magazine.  That is such a thrill for everyone involved…the model, the hair and makeup artist, and the photographer.  It’s what the ultimate goal is… get published!! This was an absolutely stunning session!  Hair and makeup pulled in the colors of the sunflowers and the gorgeous […]

The Ultimate Goal

Getting published in a magazine as a model is one of the most coveted goals.  So when my models call to say that “we” are being published, I am elated.  It not only is an achievement for the model but for the photographer as well.  Such a reward for everyone involved.  Along with the model and photographer is the hair and makeup artist.  All three participate in the photo shoot to make dreams come true.  I love these session!  The […]

Nothing Beats Hard Copy

I may be old school but, to me, I would much rather have a book in my hand to read, or a newspaper in front of me, or a picture that I can put on my desk or wall to look at.  Visual stimulation.  There are so many reasons to have family portraits done and here’s just a few: 1.  To showcase fond memories and special moments. 2.  To document changes over the years 3.  To start a family tradition […]

The Next Chapter

In 2011 I packed my bags and all of my belongings and headed south to Texas.  Where was I traveling from?  Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I called it my “Next Chapter”.  I was so excited about this huge change to my life…a truly amazing adventure.  However, along with all of that excitement came apprehension, nervousness, and just plain fear at the thought of all of that newness that awaited me.  Was I ready for this change, would I handle it with […]